Hommés Studio alters space management perception with Geometric patterns

Published on : Monday, July 12, 2021

New age Geometric patterns from Hommés Studio’s are a perfect way to add dimension to the interiors and the new geometric rugs change your perception of space with the new collection. Rug Collection the collection of geometric rugs that alters the perception of space with an audacious movement.

Hommés Studio’s new rug collection injects the energy and optimism that every room needs. Memphis Milano inspires this collection of geometric rugs. Therefore, Dynamic Shapes is colors, sleek lines, vibrancy, electricity, and provocation. This collection of Memphis-style rugs offers more colors, more patterns, more prints, and more mix and match.

Jaxon rug is an irreverent and funny geometrical rug. It brings back the rebellious attitude within Memphis Design Movement due to its unconventional curvy shape. Jaxon rug is also the perfect modern rug to add flow and dynamism to your interior design project.

Kolb rug is a modern rug that will make the room tremble. Kolb is a lavish oval rug that you can use either to create a sense of depth in a large room or simply to spice it up. Since rectangular rugs rule in interior design, Kolb oval rug will undoubtedly stand out.

Vétiver rug has a characteristic geometrical shape. As soon as we see it, we identify it as a Memphis Design Style rug. However, Vetiver rug is more than that. It is a modern rug that will delimit an area in style and elegance to be perfect for a hotel lobby or an open space interior project.

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