HOMMÉS presents Lunary’s set: an outstanding collection

Published on : Thursday, September 12, 2019

The Universe is always changing, bringing a reflection of this spiritual switch by the stunning alignment of the Moon, the Sun and the Earth resolution in a partial lunar eclipse happened on July 16.


Lunary’s Pouf

In this alignment, the eclipse only happens if the moon is full, which represents a process of transformation, combined with
the eclipse as an illustrated meaning of evolution.Today we can expect a disclosure effect in the soul.


And to celebrate this moment, we present you three more pieces to accompany the Lunary’s sofa: An armchair, a pouf and a side table.


Lunary’s Side Table

Lunary’s identity was born and is guided by its own energy balance and minimalism, combining futuristic design, technology, art and science.


HOMMÉS believes that the universe has the main role to move and lead us, so we are studying this prime time, a detachment of the old times to reach the total soul emancipation of Living.


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