Häfele Presents a Cooperative Programme at imm cologne

Published on : Thursday, January 23, 2014

hafeleHäfele GmbH & Co. KG has presented the “MeisterMöbel” cooperative programme for the first time at the “imm cologne” international furniture trade show with selected master cabinet makers and master joiners from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. A range of multifunctional furniture has emerged in association with the cooperative programme between Häfele and the woodworking craftsmen, combining the traditional craftsman’s art with modern design, intelligent functions and innovative fittings technology. The result: multifunctional individual items, which allow themselves to adapt quickly to changing spatial situations and different situations in life.


A special highlight of this cooperative work is a fine sideboard out of which a television comes up at the touch of a button. Behind the fronts there is lots of space for a small library, stereo unit or a bar. As well as other new products Häfele has presented a kitchen island with a movable work surface. Part of the work surface can be transformed into a bar at the touch of a button.

The flexible features of the furniture and the unique design options of the hand-crafted items make each product an exclusive, durable and individual piece.



In the context of this partnership numerous multi-functional furniture pieces that will be exhibited by Häfele exclusively at imm were developed. These multi-faceted, modern custom pieces demonstrate the high quality craftsmanship of a custom built “MeisterMöbel” piece. To illustrate the extraordinary possibilities of their trade with these “MeisterMöbel” pieces, participating partners in the programme will be available at the booth to discuss these projects with visitors.


With this new cooperative program Häfele provides its partners in the trade a platform to demonstrate the extraordinary possibilities of their trade using innovative products and to make direct contact with their clientele. Häfele’s function in this process is to provide the inspiration and generate ideas for new innovative product design along with the technical solutions.


“In this cooperative effort Häfele sees itself as mediating partner to create a direct dialogue between the trade and its clientele.” explains Sibylle Thierer, Managing Director of the Häfele Group. “Our strength is in developing intelligent solutions for various room arrangements so that rooms and furniture can be adopted to new living situations quickly and easily. Thanks to the thorough execution and customization of these plans by the highly qualified cabinet makers and furniture builders in our program, each customer receives a personal tailor-made “MeisterMöbel”.”
The multi-faceted and innovative “MeisterMöbel” demonstrate the outstanding high quality of a custom piece that is built to client specifications. They will be built by craftsmen in modern and well-equipped facilities. In addition to local wood species, as solids or veneers, additional high-end laminated material such as metals, glass, stone and fabrics will be used and carefully processed. These unique furniture pieces subscribe to a high design standard and combine the best of traditional craftsmanship, intelligent functionality and a love for detail. They are extremely well thought-out and can be customized to meet individual requirements and design style. These special traits and the unique construction possibilities offered by the trade make every “MeisterMöbel” an exclusive custom piece of a unique specimen quality.


Interested clients can have their personal “MeisterMöbel” piece built by one of the participating partners in the trade. They will benefit from an extensive consulting service, an attractive price, high quality workmanship and consideration of all of their specifications as well as fast delivery times. The stable value and consistently high quality also speak to the benefits of having furniture built by a master craftsman.




With its origin from the Swabian (Germany) region that nurses a passion for hardware technology, it is no surprise that Häfele has lived up to its roots through a successful presence in the architectural and furniture hardware industry for 89 years now. Today, Häfele’s worldwide penetration includes 50 subsidiaries across Europe, America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. In addition to this it has 9 sales offices in other countries. The Häfele headquarters, 5 manufacturing units and 10 sales offices are located within Germany. The company also owns one of the largest and most sophisticated warehouses in its home country. The Häfele worldwide workforce is empowered by a base of 5600 employees. The group services over 150,000 customers across the globe through its extensive range of hardware products and a comprehensive logistics system.


In addition to this, Häfele also provides consultative services to its customers, educating and advising them about buying the correct hardware as per their requirements. With this level of market penetration and ability to handle worldwide demand, it comes as no surprise that the company makes about 1 billion euros of turnover; what is pleasantly surprising, though, is that in spite of its size, Häfele still remains a family owned and run business with a unique and informal culture.



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