Green shades for Ritmonio Tweet mixers

Published on : Wednesday, January 11, 2017

ritmonio tweetThe Tweet Mixer series from Ritmonio, designed by the Architects Lana and Savettiere stands out for being eco-friendly and ergonomic. As its name suggests, these are the strong points of the series: Tweet is in harmony with nature, easy to use and expressive.

The Tweet mixers have a flow rate below 9 litres per minute, although they grant a full and comfortable water stream. In the version Eco Plus, they grant a real energy saving: when the handle stands in the central position, you only have cold water. This way, it avoids the starting of the heater each time one lifts up the handle. Most of all, when one does not really need the hot water.

Even the finishings reflect the eco-friendly way of Tweet: the levers can feature both finishings – chrome and brushed nickel. It also comes in five colours influenced by nature: tabacco (brown), brina (light grey), talco (white), agave (dark green) and tufo (light green). The last two, agave and tufo, according to the 2017 colour trends, reflect the same colours already used in the interior design.

The “shades” of Ritmonio find their prefect collocation into the bathroom as they perfectly match with neutral, brilliant, and pastels colours. Also the essential shapes of sanitary-ware match with the lively and fresh coloured handles enhancing the most different contests. An original solution, for those who have defined tastes and love to to show their strong and singular personality into their own house.

Tweet Colors proves once again that Ritmonio is an innovative company, proposing new formal structures that are able to match the environment responsibility with the excellence of design and the latest trends.


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