Front designs Chair N.0 for Gebrüder Thonet Vienna

Published on : Wednesday, April 19, 2017

GTV N.0 chairChair N.0 by Front is a design that reveals a new concept of elegance that harnesses the expressive power of GTV’s distinctive hallmarks: bent wood and Vienna straw. The Swedish duo reinterprets the two elements with a contemporary flair, enhancing their features and aesthetics by using the circle as a geometric motif in the backrest, seat and armrest.

The N.0 design put a new spin on the classic No. 14 bentwood chair, which was introduced in 1859 after cabinetmaker Michael Thonet set out to create the first affordable mass-manufactured chair.

The N.0 chair’s circular back is based on the round seat of the original No. 14. The backrest is available in classic rattan or covered in a textile mesh, which is being presented for the first time by GTV, which gives it a modern and attractive appearance.

This feminine, eclectic chair is suspended in time. It plays on the simple forms and proportions of the bent beech wood design, with Vienna straw or technical mesh on the backrest and a charming single armrest on one side.


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