Fratelli Boffi’s “Good Vibrations” now at the Louvre in Paris

Published on : Friday, June 4, 2021

The iconic Good Vibrations designed by Ferruccio Laviani is among the new acquisitions of the Museum of Decorative Arts in the French capital. With great pride, Fratelli Boffi officially enters the permanent collection of the Museum of Decorative Arts of Paris (MAD) with one of the most iconic and well-known pieces they have produced, the Good Vibrations container cabinet designed by Ferruccio Laviani. It is an out of the ordinary furniture piece that fascinates because it dares to upset the classical order by calling into question the parameters of classic design understood as purity, crispness, and symmetry of lines, while still providing that calming sensation of deja-vù and a sort of primordial taste that in no way detracts from the care of the craftsmanship.

Good Vibrations represents the quintessence of the marriage between craftsmanship, technology, and creativity. It is a piece born of human genius, designed thanks to sophisticated software and produced by the advanced technologies that today support the experience and the skillful work of the Fratelli Boffi cabinetmakers.

The iconic container cabinet designed by Laviani, born thanks to imaginative plays on style combined with a congenital attitude of irony, fully represents the manifesto and the idea of the juxtaposition of languages and cultures that lie at its base. Echoes of distant lands and hints of oriental style elements can only be glimpsed in the “out of sync” design of this container which seems to have been deformed by a strong shock or pervaded by oscillating movements and which, even though it seems to wish to alter the decorations of the past, in reality is strengthened precisely because of ancient wisdom such as that of inlaid wood and artisanal woodworking.

The Parisian museum, located within the palaces of the Louvre, houses one of the most important decorative arts collections in the world. The objects in the museum’s collection are not only the fruit of the skills of the craftsmen, of the industriousness or the research and creativity of the artists, but are a true testimonial of the art of living. From the Middle Ages to our day, the museum presents a panorama of the history of furnishings, glass, ceramics, goldsmithing, jewelry, design, and textiles while not omitting fashion, graphic arts, and advertising, which is enriched each year with new, carefully selected acquisitions. This year 50 new items enrich the collection, among which is Good Vibrations by Fratelli Boffi.

The MAD presented the new acquisitions on the occasion of the spring reopening on May 19, 2021  as part of the “Un Printemps incertain” (“An uncertain spring”) exhibition which includes the works of 40 artists produced during the period of the spring pandemic in 2020. Good Vibrations, as part of the permanent collection, will remain on display even after the exhibition, in a dialogue with other works in the museum.

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