Form Us With Love unveil Trace tile collection

Published on : Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Trace Tile - from us wit loveThe Swedish tile manufacturing company, Tilemark offers bespoke carved tiles thanks to a machine that can turn any pattern, image or pictogram into a series of wall tiles. Trace, the first ever collection for the new swedish tile pattern printer, was designed by Form Us With Love.

The innovative new tool Tilemark will be presented at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2017, alongside the Trace collection, set in the most perfect of scenes, in front of a forty five square meter ivory tiled map of Stockholm.

Form Us With Love CEO, Jonas Pettersson says, “We wanted to show how easy it was to carve something as detailed as a map using the machine, maintaining the same precision as a craftsman. The graphic accuracy of Tilemark’s tools are extraordinary. Imagine any vector, coming to life as a dimensional trace on a tile.”

With Tilemark providing the new found opportunity to have any image carved, Form Us With Love set out to explore. Firstly the Trace collection was made, including four different patterns—String, Stream, Stroke and Stick—drawn by hand to highlight the tooling’s precision. Secondly, the collection was scaled and rotated. By repeating, zooming in, turning out or enlarging the pattern, new ways of combining the collection was found—resulting in a unique wall or floor, for every combination.

In addition, Form Us With Love designed a Tilemark pictogram library, complete with minimalistic icons, suitable for any context. By creating a range built on guidelines for fictional environments as well as a set of communicative tools, the studio wish to inspire designers and architect to explore for themselves.

John Löfgren, Creative Director at Form Us With Love, says, “The carved tiles bring an interesting design dimension, utilised for distributing information, way finding, messaging and identity. A durable alternative to boards and signs, perfectly integrated in the wall.”
Tilemark blends traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, offering a powerful possibility for professionals who wish to display their love of art, design and visual communication alongside their love for easy maintenance and quality surfaces.


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