Fluid from Cielo Pays a Tribute to the Loftiest Tradition of Italian Ceramics

Published on : Tuesday, May 13, 2014

CieloCIELO- productive reality of excellence in which the recovery of the Italian manufacturing tradition, combined with the most advanced technological research, creates collections of contemporary bathroom design that encapsulate the uniqueness of hand made – presents Fluid, the collection of ceramic bathroom fixtures, born of a collaboration with the well known architect and designer Marco Piva.


Fluidity is the underlying theme of this project, inspired by the movement and the nature of water itself which, through the plasticity of ceramic material, gives a sculptural dignity to the various shapes on whose surface continuity light is reflected.


The designer himself describes the personality of the new collection: “Fluidity makes it possible to give the forms their outlines by working with light and its reflections. I have always imagined the space associated with water as one that,as such, has a marked fluid and dynamic connotation”.


Marco Piva signature combined with CIELO’s on-going commitment to develop unique solutions that melt design, functionality and good looks, representative of a mind style deeply associated with the manufacturing tradition of the territory and industrial product design for the bathroom, has led to an exclusive collection in which design research and innovation come together.


On top, freestanding and wall-hung washbasins, back to wall and wall-hung toilets and bidets are the elements making up Fluid collection, all characterised by a formal simplicity that epitomizes the values of comfort and hygiene.An advanced approach to ergonomics has defined the sinuous and comfortable forms of the new collection while efficiency has inspired the design of the sanitary fixtures with integrated flush, studied to optimize and safeguard water resources.Internally, the sanitary fixtures have been accurately studied by CIELO to ensure that the water flow is efficient in the interests of reduced consumption.Not only, the integration of the drain into the wall-hung WC and bidets makes the entire surface of the sanitary fixture accessible, thus facilitating cleaning operations and ensuring perfect hygiene.


All made from the best quality Italian ceramic, the new products are available in the following finishes: glossy white, glossy black, stone, anthracite and colour. The latter description refers to the “Terre di CIELO”colour range, fruit of a meticulous and laborious research carried out by the company. A palette inspired by natural elements, which reinterprets all of the ceramic design products signed by CIELO through 12 colours and unprecedented tactile sensations: Basalto, Brina, Pomice, Talco, Cacao, Tabacco, Arenaria, Tufo, Muschio, Salvia, Agave, Limo.


Exclusive finishes that are worthy of a company strategy based on manufacturing excellence and the added value of Italian craftsmanship as well as the particular characteristics of ceramic material, one that is deeply rooted in the manufacturing tradition of the Civita Castellana district, where the company has its headquarters in Fabrica di Roma.


Sinuously flowing lines combined with a wide range of finishes makes Fluid a flexible solution, particularly suited to both residential and contract applications.



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