Extravagant Chandeliers from Covet

Published on : Saturday, June 19, 2021

Covet lighting brings top 6 of Extravagant Chandeliers that have been impressing all the interior designers all over the world. These lamps stand out for their amazing details, materials, inspirations and colours. Covet Lighting includes the most exclusive lighting selection from the most world-renowned design brands.

The exponential point in jazz is brought in style by Dave Brubeck. Brubeck Spiral is one of the most enchanting mid-century modern chandeliers that Delightfull has to offer to the world is a statement piece. With an enchanting touch just similar to every time Dave Brubeck touched his piano, the charming and alluring effect provided by the spiral case will make this unique lighting design shine in a classic and luxurious living room design or in a lighting hospitality project. Handmade in brass, the care and sleek movements of this modern chandeliers are clear, just like jazz, it never ceases to be timeless.

L’Chandelier is a dreamy, elegant and luxurious lightning piece, incomparable and impressive as the romantic Champs-Élysées avenue, frequently described “la plus belle avenue du monde” (“the world’s most beautiful avenue”). This luxurious symbol of Paris transformed into this beautiful handcrafted, polished brass Chandelier. L’Chandelier’s marvellous dancing shape was realized through the antique technique (Repoussé) used widely with gold and silver for fine detailed work, during 3rd century BC. L’Chandelier offers a fine balance of warm sophistication and metal edginess.

The Newton chandelier is a unique handcrafted piece that reflects the best of Portuguese metalwork, authenticating Boca do Lobo’s core values and ethos.

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