Essential Home brings best bold designs of 2019

Published on : Monday, December 31, 2018

Essential Home is all set to introduce the definitive guide to the season. They find the best home decorating trends and now they’ve got them all in one place. One can see the patterns, materials and colours that will impact their homes the most.


Animal Bold
Leopard prints or more broadly animal prints are a big comeback in next year’s fashion trends. Snakeskin, leoprad and tiger have been the absolute trend among the street style set in the nexy year’s fashion runways.
The controversial print has essentially been embraced as 2019’s equivalent to a neutral.


Orange Vibe
Orange and yellow will be two dominant hues in 2019, with moody renditions of two permeating the realm of decorative accents, furnishing and paints.
Drawing from a true 70’s inspired palette, one may expected to see the two integrated within one another with effortless ease.


Inspired by the depth and richness of terracotta, oranges will come to embody a certain rusty quality, emulating the organic source of its inspiration. Yellows, while as bright as cherry and they may be, will come more muted in finish albeit, there will be no comprising on its vibrancy or alluring draw.


Mix Metals
While copper and rose gold were flashy and fun in the age of millenial pink, essential home see them on its way out, making room for more natural-looking metals.


Anodized surfaces are having it’s moment now. Having an anodized surface allows one to work with both simple and bold colours on metallic surfaces through with a matte and subdued expression.


Chrome arrives on cue with the upcoming year’s standout hues that embody the warmer spectrum of the colour wheel.


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