Emeco releases a new Cork seat for their SU Collection by Nendo

Published on : Wednesday, November 2, 2016

emeco - su stoolThe SU family of stools was first launched by Emeco in 2014 with a focus on eco-conscious materials. The design studio behind this collection, Nendo has now introduced a new version of the SU stool adding with an interchangeable cork seat to the design.

Cork is a natural rapidly renewable material that is biodegradable and recyclable. It can be harvested every ten years without causing lasting damage to the trees. The material is lightweight, anti-bacterial and very resilient. Shaped into a SU seat, it is tactile with a feeling of warmth. As with previous versions of the SU stool, the cork seat has a contoured surface, and is supported by four anodised aluminium legs.

Harvesting the cork is done without machinery. It is an art handed down from generation to generation, much like the craftsmanship employed to create Emeco chairs. Every single morsel of cork, for instance the scraps created during the manufacturing process, is collected and saved for recycling and turned into new products.


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