The Elegant Collection from Alessandra Meacci in Milan Design Week

Published on : Thursday, April 23, 2015

As a designer Alessandra Meacci always try to make some unique and different collection and experiments with designs. This year in Salone del Mobile he presents the collection – Dharma Project.


beessy!05_alessandrameacci copy2These projects investigate the opportunities of modularity, he chose to have a basic element in different design solutions, trying to combine the advantages of standardizes production to versatility of the assembly, leaving creativity and customization to the moment the object arrives in his final home.


cloudyday02_alessandrameacci copyHe Chose the hexagonal cellas basic module; he was inspired by the geometry of the hive and, more generally, he was looking for a recurring form in nature. Alessandra wanted to give a “organic” feature to the projects, because he think that the object of design is something alive in the environment in which it is located,and  lives of the changes of the light and the way it interacts with the people using it.


conchas01_alessandrameacci copy 2For Meacci’s small collection he chose simple materials, wood and iron, that show the skill of the artisans with whom he worked: the flowerpots “Gardeny” are made of Corten steel, the library “Dharma” has a metal structure on which we laid a trunk section olive natural; only for “BEESY!”, dividers for desks, he decided to use sound absorbing materials such as felt and cardboard, which could then improve the acoustics of the workplace.

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