Electrolux ‘Infinite’ & ‘ChefMode’ Functionality Intuitively Brings Restaurant Hob Techniques to Domestic Kitchens

Published on : Monday, April 21, 2014

electroluxSecrets of professional cooking brought to home as Electrolux hobs offer increased versatility through dedicated expandable temperate zones to suit diverse range of cooking vessels As the chosen supplier to almost 50% of Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe, Electrolux has a unique insight in to the requirements of the some of the most demanding kitchens in the world, translating class-leading professional ranges into superior domestic products.


“A key to running a successful restaurant kitchen is ensuring the ingredients of a dish are ready simultaneously.” says David Schill, Brand Director, Electrolux Major Appliances EMEA. “As different ingredients require different cooking times this means chefsmove pots and pans to pre-defined temperature zones during cooking, allowing them to cook diverse sets of ingredients at the same time. This way of cooking, namely sliding pots and pans instead of adjusting heat levels, has now been brought into the domestic kitchen as Electrolux offer a range of intuitive induction hobs with pre-set temperature zones.”


Induction hobs with ‘ChefMode’ offer expandable zones and within three definable power levels (warm, boil, simmer) to suit a diverse range of cooking vessels. The hob can automatically memorize specific heat combinations for repeat use that can be called upon at the touch of a button.


The Havana TFT 80cm hob (EHO8840FOG) offers an advanced assisted cooking function that automatically regulates temperature control for perfect results and with ‘Infinite’ functions one can use pots and pans of almost all shapes and sizes across four cooking zones as the surface area of heat intuitively alters to suit the vessel in use. A power booster and 14 power levels ensure that one has full control, whilst cooking functions are communicated through an intuitively designed built-in ‘InfiSight display.


The InfiFlex80 cm hob (Maxima next generation – EHX8565FOK) and Infinite Pro (EHH9967FSG) offer three large cooking zones that allow dishes to be slid to warming, simmering and boiling functions simultaneously through the specific Chef Mode function.  This flexibility allows different ingredients to be prepared at once through programmable temperate zones and across four segments of the hob. One Flexi Bridge and two Infinite cooking zones can also be joined to provide a larger surface area if one cooking vessel crosses specific points of the hob. As well as offering all of the possibilities of extended hob use through the infinite hob functionality, the H2H hob (EHT8540FK) is connected to the cooker hood which automatically responds to what is being cooked on the hob to provide fresh kitchen air.


The Stainless Steel 75cmultraflat gas hob (EGU7657NOX) is an energy efficient ultra flat hob that seamless blends in with conventional minimalist kitchen trends, whilst the Flush Burner Gas on glass hob (EGT7657NOK) offers all of the benefits of Cooking with gas yet with greater efficiency. The Gas-on-glass hob provides a unique design experience and an easy to clean ceramic glass surface that is complemented with a flush burner that delivers heat directly to the base of the pan, reducing time to cook and increasing energy efficiency by as much as 20% in comparison with conventional gas burners.



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