Dual Lounge by Studio TK launched at NeoCon

Published on : Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Dual_Collection_Studio_TKDesigned by Toan Nguyen, the Dual collection was introduced by Studio TK at the NeoCon 2017. It is a dynamic seating collection that creates a balance of materiality unlike other swivel lounge chairs.

Toan Nguyen say: “The Dual Lounge is the fruit of a balanced combination of several character traits apparently in opposition. Its monolithic and organic shape is divided in two by a clear-cut line: the upper part is enveloping and dedicated to the user comfort, while the base is a subtle counterpoint of balance, tension and transparency. With both parts customizable with any fabric or leather on the top, and fabric or three-dimensional knitted mesh on the base, Dual Lounge is suitable to either a classic tone-on-tone or a fancy, sharp contrast matching. The low-back version stimulates a dynamic attitude and a collaborative discourse whereas the high back incites rest and relaxation.”

The 3D knit mesh base allows for light to pass through for a balance of light and dark. The name Dual derives from the “duality” of light and dark seen visually in the transparency of the base. The duality of materials of the upholstered seat and back and the mesh base creates a juxtaposition of materiality to create an iconic visual statement. Dual creates a balance of materiality unlike other swivel lounge chairs.

Dual’s relaxed, lean-back posture offers an alternative choice throughout the day to support the changing modalities, from focus applications that allow for moments of individual respite from lengthy periods of collaboration, to public spaces that promote circulation and destinations that attract social collisions.

Each chair is equipped with a return-to-center swivel. That subtle gesture can change a static setting into a dynamic space that keeps the conversation flowing and ensures that good ideas spread far and wide.

A protagonist within a social landscape, Dual introduces a residential aesthetic to create a welcoming environment for focus and recharge – so that work doesn’t feel like work.


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