Draft by PearsonLloyd

Published on : Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Draft, the new collection by PearsonLloyd, is crafted from start to finish in Somerset. Characterised by seemingly effortless design, and superb flexibility of function, Draft is compact and discrete, with a darted, one-piece seat, slender arms and loose back cushions. Available as a chair, two or three seat sofa with a co-ordinating range of solid oak-topped nesting tables that carry forward the sofa’s leg detail. Its modest, laid-back style makes Draft sit easily in a whole host of settings.

Design writer and podcaster, Grant Gibson, speaks to Tom Lloyd and Luke Pearson of PearsonLloyd about their new collection, Draft, about their long-standing relationship with Modus, their fascination for furniture and the new wave of improvisation going on around us.

‘Draft was designed to benefit from Modus’ local resources….we were quite conscious to keep it contained, to keep it simple and to keep it local.’ – Luke Pearson

‘It’s the use of furniture within space that suddenly brings the world to life.’ – Tom Lloyd

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