Dornbracht is offering a new shower experience with AquamoonATT

Published on : Tuesday, July 30, 2019

AQUAMOONATT as an electronic version represents the top of the product concept of the entire AQUAMOON family. In addition to the three flow modes TEMPEST, AQUA CIRCLE and QUEEN’S COLLAR, AQUAMOONATT is optionally available with the fourth flow mode EMBRACE.


Different lighting scenarios (MOON, EARTH and SUN) can be controlled either in combination with the individual flow modes or completely independently of water use. In addition, various signature treatments – specially developed, pre-set light and water choreographies – can be initiated automatically. In combination with the fragrance component additionally integrated into the Signature Treatments and the minimalist design of the dome, the shower experience is raised to a new level.


The effect of water on the body is extended by the mental and spiritual experience. AQUAMOONATT is the intensification of the Bliss experience with sensations such as relaxation, refreshment or security through the combination of water, light and scent. AQUAMOONATT is a highly individual shower experience that touches the senses emotionally.


People feel a growing longing for balance and life energy. AQUAMOONATT offers the opportunity to escape everyday life for a while. You let go – and draw new energy. The daily shower thus becomes the ultimate retreat, providing new life energy through very personal, deep relaxation moments. Here you can be with yourself, let your thoughts run free, switch off, relax and recharge your batteries. The preservation of one’s own health becomes more and more important – AQUAMOONATT offers a multi-sensory experience which significantly supports the conservation of physical and mental health. A natural interplay of water, light and scent opens up a broad spectrum of experiences for body and mind.


Experience the feeling of security. EMBRACE completely envelops your body in water, like a big hug – but your head stays clear. You experience a deep and intense sensation of security, shutting out everyday life and focusing on your own breathing and your own self.


Distraction gives way to centring, stress gives way to deep relaxation. Make the experience even more intense by looking upwards into the dome that seems to lead to infinity. EMBRACE can also vary the intensity of the cascade, according to the part of the body involved.


Queen’s Collar
QUEEN’S COLLAR removes the burdens of everyday life from your shoulders. QUEEN’S COLLAR is a semi-circular cascade of water that brings to mind the experience of a natural waterfall. The flow mode massages your head, shoulders and spine and depending on the pressure and temperature of the water, the effect can be calming and relaxing, or invigorating and refreshing. The intensity of the cascade also varies, according to the part of the body involved. In the centre, where the cascade falls mostly on your head and forehead, it is wafer-thin, gentle and almost caressing.


The effect at the side, however, is powerful and revitalising.


Aqua Circle
AQUA CIRCLE adapts to every need. The effect of AQUA CIRCLE is governed by the volume of water. Water falls from the dome as a soft cone. The more water there is, the smaller the cone becomes. This produces a powerful, concentrated flow that is ideal for washing yourself and your hair, for instance. When there is less water, the cone widens to leave your head clear, as the water falls softly and steadily over your shoulders like a rain curtain. AQUA CIRCLE has a relaxing and meditative effect.


The nature of water. With its large, exceptionally soft drops that seem to fall without pressure, responding only by the power of gravity, the TEMPEST flow mode brings the natural experience of a blustery shower of rain to the bathroom.


The flow mode does not follow logic, it follows the nature of water. A thunderstorm coming from all directions has a clearing effect that simultaneously brings relaxation and refreshment.


AQUAMOONATT– Water applications
Signature Treatments
With Dornbracht Spa Solutions you can experience water applications at home at any time – and in a particularly comfortable and effective way.For this purpose, we have developed our Signature Treatments with experts from the health and wellness sector:


Perfectly matched water programs that you can select and enjoy at the touch of a button.


Soothe – Tropical shower
Full, soft drops of water rain over your body like a tropical downpour, caressing the soul and calming the mind. The slow temperature swing between warm and hot goes almost unnoticed. Intense blue and violet light conjures up the atmosphere of a clear morning sky, combined with the sensuous fragrance of Mediterranean citrus blossom. The scenario brings peace, quietening your stream of thought and calming your body and mind. The warmth of the water is transferred to your body, transforming it into a therapeutic, almost meditative state.


Flow modes:
– Tempest
– Aqua Circle


Nurture – Rain curtain
A curtain of water droplets envelops your body, accompanied by the calming blue of the ocean and the powerful green of the rainforest. The rain curtain opens and closes to the pulsating rhythm of your breathing, falling either as a gentle cone to massage your shoulders or intensifying to a concentrated stream of water. The gentle change in temperature from concentrated warmth to a refreshing rain curtain stimulates the circulation, aided by the grounding and nourishing fragrance or bergamot and yuzu. You breathe more deeply as the sickle-shaped cascade of water massages your neck. Your body emerges strengthened and filled with a deep sense of well-being.


Flow modes:
– Tempest
– Aqua Circle
– Queen’s Collar


Empower – Stimulating temperature changes
Bathed in vibrant orange and violet light, your body is stimulated by the varying strength and temperature of the water droplets. The intensity of the drops reaches a crescendo, drumming ever more powerfully on your neck and spine. As a clear, cold covering of water is combined with a warming cascade over the neck and an ice-cold torrent with a warm cascade over the body, the stimulating changes in temperature activate your senses to the accompaniment of the spicy scents of mandarin and rosewood. The drumming of the water gradually gets gentler, stroking your shoulders therapeutically. Your gaze wanders upwards, lost in the fascinating boundlessness of the moon, while the water envelops your body in a protective cocoon. Surrounded by the steady murmur of the water, you find repose – and summon up new strength.


Flow modes:
– Tempest
– Aqua Circle
– Queen’s Collar – Embrace


AQUAMOONATT offers the entire spectrum of natural light colours, which can be individually and infinitely adjusted via the Dornbracht app. The lighting function can also be controlled independently of water usage and is therefore also suitable for atmospheric lighting of your bathroom or spa. AQUAMOONATT is the shower that not only considers the new minimalism in bathroom design, but also thinks further.


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