Digital 48th CIFF Shanghai witnesses a grand wrap up

Published on : Tuesday, December 28, 2021

The first online edition of CIFF ended successfully on December 14. The first fully digitalised edition, the 48th CIFF Shanghai received a great deal of support from the 548 exhibitors who gathered online, attracting 775,043 visitors. The virtual edition explored new ways for the furniture fair using Wechat’s CIFF Shanghai Hongqiao applet, divided into four main sections: Cloud Exhibition Hall, Cloud Live Broadcast, Cloud Negotiation and Cloud Activities.


The success of this latest unusual edition starts from afar and is based on activities that have retained visitors’ and exhibitors’ loyalty. In fact, important marketing activities have recently been organised to support exhibitors in these complicated times marked by the global pandemic. And so Red Star Macalline, as well as many other furniture distributors, attended the live streaming presentations organised by the exhibitors.


This edition has shown how the online fair, free from constraints and open to visitors at any time, can guarantee important figures; the 13 live presentations of new collections that recorded over 10,000 views each, as well as over 100,000 hits on the first day proved it.


There are also many collaborations between CIFF and external entities, among which the one with the National Real Estate Alliance, for the organisation of special events with commercial purposes and for the promotion of over 20 brands of exhibitors interested in cooperation with the main real estate companies. Furthermore, the collaboration with foreign trade associations to promote new export agreements has greatly facilitated foreign buyers; to date, five brands have received orders worth over one million US dollars. Moreover, during the 4 days of the fair, exhibitors and visitors were supported by the matchmaking services activated and provided free of charge for a total of 1057 requests received online.

Not wanting to give up anything and motivated by the desire to offer the best, the organisers of CIFF Shanghai have decided to keep all the planned exhibitions as well. And so DDS, Tea Ceremony, Super Fun Design, Meta Point Design Award and Material Aesthetics Pavilion animated the 48th CIFF Shanghai, interpreting the curators’ ideas online. Famous people in the world of Chinese design such as: Xiaojie, Dai Xiangdong, Zhang Jian, Zhang Fei, Zhao Zihan, Lin Shuan, Liang Chen, Hai Lan, Su Su, Hu Yanli, Liu Lang, Wang Jing, Huang Xiaorong as well as senior lecturers including Zhao Long, Zhou Yang, Zhao Meng and Pan Te, were invited to interpret sector trends and inspire creative ideas.

And now, there is a great deal of expectation for the 49th CIFF Guangzhou scheduled between March 18 to 21 and March 28 to 31, 2022 are the dates for the event with the most important types of design.

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