Covet House is now engrossed in Hollywood

Published on : Thursday, September 12, 2019

Covet House is becoming more fearless in its mission by constantly aspiring to new media and new opportunities. By creating the most beautiful scenarios and photography work, the silver screen frequently inspires the home design and interior decoration, especially if those movies or series evoke a particular period, place or character. Fulfilling a scene, providing the ambiance where the plot unravels and much of the time missing our attention, but not with COVET HOUSE pieces.


“Some of the set pieces are truly magical and so exquisite that completely steal the show” – Covet House.


Besides providing entertainment, the Hollywood industry spreads its influence by leading and promoting music, fashion, art, and even interior design, and here are some of the pieces that COVET HOUSE featured in Hollywood.


The most prominent movies of Hollywood where Covet House is featured are:

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