Circu brings dreamy collection

Published on : Saturday, June 18, 2022

CircuCircu debuts new collection “A room above the clouds” and mesmerizes the kids with stunning designs and fairytale theme. The kid’s room may now turn into a wonderland with a stroke of a wand and fascinates all children.


What if all the tales of magical lamps and light bulbs, fairies and pixie dust, children hear and believe growing up did actually come true? What if enchated realms existed and it only took one whimsical lamp and a few simple wishes to get there? That’s what we’re about to discover within the details of this special project designed by Pascale Hakimeh. With Circu’s magical pieces, Hakimeh created the most captivating little kids’ room of all, one worthy of being narrated about in all fairytales yet to come.


The adventure started when once upon a time, two twins received a very special gift in the shape of a unique lamp, and discovered that a small pink fairy with the ability to fulfill any and every wish they could have ever dream of, lived in between the lights of the lamp.

CIRCU was built under a dream! The dream is to allow children to live their own fantasies and create a magical world for them to fly under an imagination that has no limit.


With our hand-crafted and hand-tailored pieces made in Portugal with the finest materials, we deliver only the highest quality furnishings that turn children’s dreams into reality!


From airplane beds, rockets armchairs to a crib inspired on a hot air balloon, our pieces create moments and experience between children’s real-world and their fantasies.

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