Castro introduces Wall Designs: A Fine Lighting Statement

Published on : Monday, December 10, 2018

Wall Lamps are a great addition to create an inviting and complete interior décor. Being used for many purposes, wall lights can provide a necessary presence light, accentuate architectural features, illuminate artwork, or perform as an important décor feature to outright an empty wall.


The remarkable characteristic of this selection is that they can fit any room, embellishing the area of the house one choose.


Wall Lamps also provide a dusky light that floods the room and creates a well-balanced ambiance.


The Eclipse Handmade Wall Light is named after the solar eclipse phenomena. When the moon slowly starts to rotate to the point it almost aligns with the Sun and the Earth, the moon creates a shadow that partially inhibits sunrays from being seen from earth.


Recreating this natural wonder, the Eclipse gold wall lamp is composed of two rounded brass plates, placed in front of each other, with a slight distance between them, only allowing little crescents of light to shine through. The front plate is hammered by hand, using modern handcraft technics, that reflects in the shining gold plated plate in the back.


With touches of modern, contemporary and mid century modern styles, the luxury shade is the perfect fit for a hallway, bedroom, living room or dining room, it’s warm light brings a calm and relaxing ambiance.


Inspired by the permanent ice figures in Cave of Liberty in Slovakia, Liberty collection recreates the perfection of Nature with a delicate handcrafted gold plated brass structure.


The asymmetric distribution of the geometric forms creates an unexpected visual effect as the Liberty wall light creates a surprising light outcome on the walls. The use of the standard finish of gold plated brass with the unusual geometric form it has makes this a fundamental decorative piece.


Combining the most luxurious lighting design with exquisite handmade materials, Liberty wall lamp is presented as a solution for bold decoration projects that aim to fill the spaces with strong and irreverent lighting pieces.


The luxury accents of the modern design combined with the traditional techniques reveal details executed with the utmost care. This piece will transform contemporary interior designs in exclusive and stunning scenarios.


The French Riviera is the sun-soaked coastline south of France, surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. Known for its beach resorts, panoramic views, intense blue waters – one of earth’s most beautiful paradises.


The Riviera gold Wall Lamp takes you in a daydream journey of contemplating an amazing painting on a wall of a French Riviera resort: just the right amount of light to make the ambiance feel exceptional and embracing.


Composed of a rectangular shaped gold-plated brass plate – hammered by hand with modern handcraft technics – placed in the center of a semi-circle that allows a warm light to spread through the slight space in between this wall light design.


This luxury shade lamp is the right choice for a contemporary, mid-century modern or modern interior style and it can fit any area of the house, being best used as the frame of an artwork piece.


The name DiVita is known to bear divine power. It embeds success and leadership. Inspired by the strong will and determination of this powerful name, the DiVita Wall Lamp has a curved elegance that shapes the way light radiates from its core, creating a luxurious and sophisticated ambiance.


The gold-plated brass plates embellished in a leaf-like shape, made of the contrasting matte and shiny finishes in gold plated brass, softening the piece. It is definitely a piece with an unapologetic attitude, taking a dynamic form and elevating your interior design. It can amplify a contemporary or modern style space.


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