Casamania Display System Designed by Nichetto Features New Patterns

Published on : Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Casamania-Display-System_nichettofullCasamania Display System, designed by Nichetto in collaboration with Lera Moiseeva, features a modular design consisting of four stender, different patterned fabrics, podiums, platforms, and carpets, together with a series of videos dedicated to the products. The ensemble is modular and self-supporting, and it can be disassembled for easy transport and reuse.
The four stender – a reference to those used in fashion – come in different forms and are suggestive of the essential lines of the buildings that characterize many Italian cities: the rooftops of the houses, those of the factories, and the church domes, which combined together create an ideal and archetypal skyline.


Five areas – classic, pop, living, home office, and outdoor – are interpreted and characterized by vertical hanging panels, made of fabric printed with graphics and colors specifically designed for each environment. The various textures are reminiscent of the decoration used in home interiors – such as tiles, mosaics, and exposed bricks – while the shades of color refer to the romantic glow of a sunset, and the pop illustrations are inspired by the advertising posters we find in big cities. A neutral panel is dedicated to the projection of videos that simultaneously tell about the three most important aspects of the realization of the product: the story of the designer, the production steps, and the finished product.
The display system is completed by platforms and podiums of different sizes, which are also modular and removable, as well as carpets with a design that matches the vertical graphics. These elements mark off the areas that are suitable to the compositions of the products, divided into the zones called Classic, Pop, Living, Home Office, and Outdoor. The five areas mirror the worlds in which the user can recognize him or herself: different environments, with a shared aesthetic interpretation.


The endless possibilities of composition of the elements make Casamania Display System a flexible and practical display solution, with a strong visual impact: a new concept that all Casamania outlets, showrooms, shop-in-shop, and exhibition company booths will have in common across the world.



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