Caffe Latte unveils new project

Published on : Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Covered in nude and beige tones, Caffe Latte suggests a spacious and airy space, in which the living and dining room combine with each other in a unique and timeless way, whose design is in charge of the extraordinary Asmaa Kamel.

Starting with the living room, where we can see Cassia Modular Sofa by Caffe Latte, highly requested, due to the enormous comfort and relax provided at different angles, supported by a great fur carpet, while the center of the room is directed by the set of Minas coffee tables, from Caffe Latte, in which the big supports the small one, and vice versa, in a modern and unique design. Beside the sofa, you can still feel the presence of Demitasse Armchair, also by Caffe Latte, with an elegant curve in brown and gray tones, just like the stool.


In terms of lighting, this is quite versatile and robust, starting with Miles Floor Lamp, from Delightfull, whose marble base makes this piece a true statement in any room in the house, such as Coltrane Suspension Lamp, also designed by Delightfull, in white cream, through a minimalist touch and industrial design.


Behind, and next to the wall, we will find Heritage Sideboard, by Boca do Lobo, in a new version, completely remodeled and adapted to a more neutral and functional design, without ever losing the elegance and irreverence that characterize it.


As for the dining room, the presence of the most modern and contemporary design is maintained, this time through the ideal symbiosis between Breve II Dining Table and Moka Dining Chair, both Caffe Latte original pieces, whose oasis of well-being and comfort glides smoothly towards the floor, where we will find the fluffy Oslo Rug, from Rug’Society. In this space, the reinforced presence of Coltrane Suspension Lamp further emphasizes the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčneutrality and functionality intimately linked to this ambiance.


Caffe Latte does not fail to surprise those who looking for it, and, through this partnership with the egyptian Asmaa Kamel, it intends to be an example to be followed in terms of modern design, always trendy at any time of year.

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