Caffe Latte brings inspiring and elegant rugs

Published on : Monday, April 12, 2021

Cosy rugs in muted shades are a perfect way to enjoy absolute comfort while relaxing in the midst of warm environment. Caffe Latte once again introduced natural and neutral shades in rugs to create an elegant natural relaxing environment.

Natural and neutral shades embody nobility and modesty. Brown, beige, walnut, grey and white tones carry us into the natural environment. In such an atmosphere, it is very easy to relax and truly relax from the outside fuss. But Caffe Latte keeps in mind that natural design should not inspire boredom, but comfort and coziness, with a touch of subtle elegance, as it can be seen on the following Rugs. “A rug can anchor a room, defining it, adding warmth, and helping layer a room’s decor.”

Neutral tones are actively used as a background for brighter, contrasting shades, and Caffe Latte rugs are a clear prove of that.  Adler Rug, Cell Rug, Oslo Rug, Ocli Rug, Mila Rug, Jute Rug, White Garden Rug, Sugar Rug, Foil Rug etc are here to bring tranquillity home.  

No matter the room, size or taste, Caffe Latte Neutral Rugs never underestimate the simple pleasures in life and a rug in any space is one of them. Just a few complements of muted or earth tones – not too bright, not too patterned – combined with the right warmth and texture of the fabrics. This formula will fill and shine the ground, without being maximalist or superficial.

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