Brokis to present at Light + Building 2018

Published on : Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Brokis Light+Building 2018At this year’s edition of Light + Building in Frankfurt, Brokis will present, for the first time, the new visionary lighting concepts, Light Visions, by its art director Lucie Koldova. Following international success at the Das Haus installation during imm Cologne, three new lighting concepts of the Puro collection – Puro Sparkle, Puro Single, and Puro Segments – join the handblown glass portfolio of this Czech lighting brand.

Thanks to cutting-edge technologies and unique design, Brokis is making a statement about its capability to establish true dialogue between the different languages of lighting products and interior design. The relationship between light and space as well as that between performance and emotion has been elevated to a new level.

Lucie Koldova says, “When sketching the new Puro concepts, I wanted to express the variability of this light consisting of luminous tubes and its appeal, which lies in minimalist design and opulent impact.”

The Brokis exhibition concept is based on translucent textile boxes and a shelf system made of perforated metal, which combine to contrast with the pure and sensual aesthetics of the lights. The monochromatic exhibit showcases more than one hundred lights from the brand’s newest collections, including Macaron, Mona, Knot, and Puro as well as the popular Muffins, Balloons, and Capsula lights.

Furthermore, Brokis Light concepts from the Das Haus installation, including the Jack O’Lantern and Big One, will be featured in the Stylepark Selected exhibition, stand J40, hall 1.2., and Trend Forum, stand B02, hall 6.1.

Puro Collection

Puro is a boldly minimalistic variation on atmospheric pendant lights. Inspiration for the collection and its name come from the Spanish word for “cigar”, which also means “puro” and is a reference to the composition’s clean lines. The design creates an intriguing interplay between horizontal and vertical luminous cigar tubes levitating in space above simple bell lights. The diffused glow of the tubes combines with that of the bells to elicit a dynamic ambience, while the alternating gloss and matte finishes provide a degree of provocation. Puro offers atmospheric room lighting as well as lighting for offices, hospitality interiors, boutiques, showrooms, and private dining areas.

Brokis - Puro SparklePuro Sparkle

The endless variability of the Puro collection has given rise to several new lighting objects, such as the suspension light called Sparkle. The symbolic Sparkle shines with noble yet minimalistic geometry and constitutes the centrepiece of any space. The multiple tubes of matte opal or smoke grey glass radiate outward in diffuse light for a magical interior ambience and dynamic. Sparkle levitates in space and dominates its interior landscape. It is a light sculpture and the embodiment of positive energy. Puro Sparkle comes in three sizes and the largest composition creates an amazing lighting object nearly 2,5 m in diameter.

Puro Single

The Puro collection comprises a single bell light suspended beneath a vertical tube and dual bell lights suspended beneath a horizontal tube. When standing alone as single tubes, amazing installations can be created, such as a screen to divide space and evoke an intimate atmosphere bordering on scenography.

Puro Segments

Puro Segments challenge space to engage in dialogue and are well-suited to retail and public interiors, hotels, restaurants as well as to art installations. Thanks to special multi-direction connectors, the light tubes can be arranged in both vertical and horizontal patterns and create lighting objects according to client needs.

With nearly endless versatility, Puro Segments offer a wide array of options for devising functional fixtures, such as curtains of light or luminous frames around products in luxury boutiques and showrooms.

Several ideas for installation was seen at the Das Haus project, where the carefully shaped rays of matte-orange glass shoot outward and rise toward the PURO Fire, light as a symbol of basic human instinct.

The Puro collection comes in matt opal white or smoke grey glass, but customers may also choose from a wide range of custom colours.



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