Align brings together the Furniture Industry

Published on : Thursday, July 31, 2014

alinea-The initiative ‘Align’, driven Feria Habitat Valencia to strengthen entrepreneurship in the field of habitat, It has already covered its early formative weeks meeting expectations generated both twenty participants between projects and between agencies and organizations involved in it.


‘Align’ It is a platform that brings together entrepreneurs, technological institutes and administration to foster new business initiatives. This is an unprecedented initiative to date in the habitat and aims to develop new ideas and business projects through theoretical training, on the one hand, and, on the other, individualized and personal counseling of outstanding professionals in the housing sector asset. And it does so by accumulating experience and capabilities of the major associations and organizations both public and private sector-related habitat. Therefore, so much Feria Valencia as national employer Federhábitat, autonomic Fevama, technological institute Aidima and headquarters in Valencia the European Business and Innovation Centre (CEEI) have ‘aligned’ interests first to offer a full program of training and advice to the twenty selected projects.


The initiative officially started last May and has just completed its first phase more theoretical, in which students have received a full training program thus imparted BIC (European Business and Innovation Centre of Valencia) such as AIDIMA en el around the materials as new business model in habitat, how to create new businesses, funding instruments, trends in the housing sector, innovation through the consumer, competitive environments the new distribution channels. The valuation, in this sense, has been “very positive”, as says Jesus Casanova, CEO of BIC Valencia. “We have managed to create a diverse group of projects, however, complement each other and in which synergies have already emerged, was, clearly, one of the goals of ‘Alinea”, Casanova ensures that, in addition, highlights “the willingness of students and achieved high attendance. If one were to add a note, would be between 8 and 9″.


On the one hand, deputy director of the Institute of Technology Aidima, José Manuel Boronat, highlights the character “sole” of this initiative and “It has been a successful collaboration between different agencies, Feria Valencia, Fevama, Aidima, CEEI, Federhábitat and designers, and the result so far will allow one of the initial objectives is to consolidate Alinea”. Boronat está “convinced” that the degree of satisfaction of participants will increase “when they begin to develop their own projects with the support of mentors, whom we consider very qualified and will provide significant added value to the business”. Since Aidima, one aspect that stands out is that Boronat ” if you’re viewing and furniture industry is alive and habitat, creates, generates, promoting and developing projects, providing boost the sector. This is critical to speak, and in the second phase begins with mentors, I insist on, They are best suited for business development and attracting private funding”.



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