MARGRAF presents Metamorphosys Table by Flavio Albanese

Published on : Friday, March 17, 2017

margraf tableMargraf’s skilful art of shaping marble in all its forms and the creativity of Flavio Albanese, a world-class designer and architect, have come together to create “Metamorphosys – Mutable spirit,” a unique, large-sized designer table that is perfect to enhance any office or home.

The mutable spirit of the “Metamorphosys” table is rooted in two key concepts: metamorphosis and metaphor. Marble, as a natural element, is separated from its natural ambient (meta-foreign material), and man-processed to become an artwork. This transformation process, interpreted by Flavio Albanese in the design of the texture and processed using Margraf’s cutting-edge technologies, takes on a distinctive character and a unique shape.

The lapidary material is “disaggregated”, made lighter, chiselled, and shaped into an endless number of silhouettes and solutions, until it becomes an item of daily use. The work was named after the myth of Apollo and Daphne (Phoebus and Laurel) representing the perfect change of essence and nature: the marble tree with its lightweight, impalpable branches hosts a “human dimension” within itself. Nature is transformed and comes to life again in Margraf’s marble and experience. Where there is nature, there is change. And where there is change, there is a natural spirit.


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