Sandro Lopez

Sandro Lopez has worked with many Italian furniture companies and firmly believes in quality work which according to him cannot be guaranteed by the award shows held nowadays. He also believes that in order to faithfully preserve the purity of a vision, the responsibility of the designer needs to encompass the entirety of the journey.

FAE: How would you define your designs?

Sandro Lopez:I like my /design to express elegance and playfulness in unconventional ways.



FAE: What led you to this profession?
Sandro Lopez: I have switched activities many times in my early youth, from engineering to photography, from sculpture to conceptual art. But from the moment I got involved with design, I knew this was exactly what I wanted to do. Today, years after I started, I am even more enthusiastic and interested in what I do.



FAE: Tell us about the latest collection of 2014.
Sandro Lopez: For this collection we designed a wooden coffee table that challenges the notion of balance, a ceiling lamp inspired by kinetic sculpture, a set of playful glass vases and a stool family made from solid wood.


An exclusive and charming ambience introduces the Fendi Casa collection presented at Paris’ Maison & Objet 2014. The precious interior design objects express a lifestyle that translates tradition in innovative and contemporary terms.


The high-level design, showcased on a multi-faceted and fluid stage, reveals a sophisticated art de vivre, translating into a living philosophy. In this display, sofas, armchairs, tables, beds and exquisitely finished objects, resulting from a meticulous design and high-level craftsmanship, naturally adapt to the surrounding context and bring out its value.


This is where architect, designer and decorator Thierry Lemaire’s new collection falls into place. It originates from a sophisticated and versatile furniture programme, a magnificent take on Fendi Casa’s styles: Artù seats, Star tables and suspended fixtures, Stardust chairs, Ginevra coffee tables.



FAE: What were the different aspects specially looked into while designing for Bentley?
Raffaella Vignatelli: The Bentley Motors collection is inspired by the renowned craftsmanship and exquisite materials that characterise the interiors of all Bentley models. Combining the highest quality craftsmanship with a rigorous aesthetic sensibility links Bentley’s inherent qualities of heritage and tradition and technological and architectural design aspects.


The background of the collection is a residence where charm and luxury are perfectly balanced: through a columned patio, a warm light enlightens the wide and refined interiors. Sofas, armchairs, chaise longues, beds and meeting tables wisely decorate the spaces.


The colour palette is characterised by natural and pastel nuances. The mocha, cognac, taupe, quartz, grey and camel, flank variations of purple-red, burgundy, brick red or blue. The combinations exalt the use of tactile leather and sensuous textiles. Hints of male attire, pinstripe or houndstooth, are introduced into sophisticated velvets and the lightest of cashmeres, crafted with three-dimensional patterns.


Finely crafted leather upholstery – with its signature quilted diamond pattern or elegant padded texture – further enhance the collection’s pieces.


The Richmond collection develops the theme of the double shell, in burr walnut briar root, used in other of the collection’s models, as well as for the interior of the automobiles from Crewe.
Ebony Macassar essence and Calacatta marble make for a precious decorative effect matching with the steel gun-metal finishing of the base. Finely crafted leather upholstery – with its signature quilted diamond pattern or elegant dimpled texture – further enhance the collection’s furniture pieces.



FAE: The shape of your every product, from tables to lighting to chairs is very unconventional. How do you derive these concepts?
Sandro Lopez: For us process makes the difference. Our design doesn’t follow a brief or market demand, but it’s born out of a genuine research in the design language and process. This is sometimes a slow process but it allows us to create unconventional designs that go beyond previous expectations.



FAE: What are you working on at present?
Sandro Lopez: We are currently developing seating and accessories for our 2015 collection as well as planning our upcoming show in London.



FAE: Which shows can we expect to see you this year?
Sandro Lopez: 100% Design at the London Design Festival, Fuorisalone at Milan Design Week 2015



FAE: Tell us about your design journey.
Sandro Lopez: I started as an in-house designer in an Italian furniture company before going to design school. Since then I have lived in different cities and worked in various design studios. I learned by experience that today it is almost impossible to achieve quality work unless you are in charge of the entire design process. This led me to start my own design and production company.



FAE: How would you describe the present consumer preferences?
Sandro Lopez: Varied; part of consumers continue to shop habitually and tend to overfill their spaces with useless things, while there’s another type of consumer that understands design and prefers to have fewer but better things. I would like to think that the latter group is growing, even though I’m not sure that is the case.



FAE: How has been the consumer response to the kind of products you create?
Sandro Lopez: The public feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Our collection will be officially launched in September and we have so far received many preorders and a lot of interest from the public.



FAE: How does sustainability play role in your creation?
Sandro Lopez: Good design is sustainable. One of the main reasons why I started my company was to ensure ethical values are considered in every step of the process. From the sourcing of materials to labour conditions and product distribution systems, the product’s entire journey can have a significant effect on economy and ecology and the failure to address this is a failure in designing.



FAE: How important are awards and recognition for you?
Sandro Lopez: Not much. Personally I have never judged anyone’s work by the awards they received. I have stopped taking part in awards and competitions myself, they might improve your career depending on what you want to achieve, but for sure they don’t improve, guarantee or testimony the quality of your work.



FAE: Any word of advice for the newbies?
Sandro Lopez: Become politically conscious.



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