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CIRCU, A magical world for children, is an extraordinary design house who understands the need and has the ability to read a child’s mind. We got a chance to interact with André Oliveira, CEO of Circu who shared us many things and thoughts regarding Circu. Take a look.

FAE: How was Maison&Objet? How has been the feedback?

André Oliveira: Maison et Objet was, once more, an incredible success. Every year we set new expectations that end up being surpassed and has the clients surprised and amazed with our creations. The feedback is really positive, especially the launch of our New Cloud Collection, that has 14 new pieces.

FAE: Tell us about your idea to establish such a design house based on children products? What motivated you to experiment with such products?

André Oliveira: During my 17-year professional experience, I’ve always been connected with high-level brands in the industrial design of children’s products. I’ve also been involved in many important interior design projects, from hotels to households.


I always struggled when we had a luxury project in hands that involved decorating a child’s room because I could not find exclusive and unique pieces that made the bedroom feel different and unique. It has that difficulty that made me embark on this world of “Magical ” luxury furniture for kids.

FAE: You have lots of inspiring projects in your bucket. If you can share us what has been the most significant and satisfied project you have worked on? Talking about this, what are the recent projects you are working on?

André Oliveira: It’s not fair to just choose one project. Every single one of them has its own magical and inspirational story. It’s an enormous honor to be able to create and bring to life my own creations that change kids worlds and also their parents. Regarding new projects and collections, those are still a secret that we keep well hidden in our magic world. I only to wish to continue to surprise everyone with and creations as we have done so far.

FAE: What has been the most focused section of Circu among beds, lighting and seating? Talking about your products if you can enlighten us on Sky One Plane bedroom set?

André Oliveira: My initial strategy was to create magical masterpieces that would allow people to dream and be amazed by the creation of something that was thought to be impossible. After those creations, we had to come up with a concept for our collection and complete the collection with key bedroom pieces such as nightstands, lighting, rugs, and accessories.


Today we are proud to have a product line that has enough pieces to decorate a bedroom from scratch.


The pieces from Sky Collection are all strongly linked with the aviation world. Every kid dreams to be a pilot and to fly the skies. I think we all did. It was from that line of thinking that Sky B Plane was created. An airplane as a bed with drawers that are both stairs to climb up to the bed and that can serve as storage. After the creation of the first piece, we developed shelves and chest of drawers, using the characteristic style of suitcases. Sky Desk was also a very important design for the Sky Collection concept.

FAE: What are the materials you generally utilize for the production? What are the advantages can customers get from your featured products?

André Oliveira: The materials used in Circu’s pieces are diversified and range from wood, MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), brass, stainless steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and resin. We use the material depending on each piece and concept and by thinking which one will have more quality to execute each project and piece. The finishes of each material are also very exclusive, ranging from the gold bath, gold leaf silver and copper lacquered high gloss.


Besides that, our products are handmade. And for that reason, we can guarantee that all of our pieces are made by the most experienced and skilled craftsmen. That’s what makes our products even more unique. These overall aspects offer to our client exclusive pieces with a high level of design that can not be found anywhere else.

FAE: Cloud is one of the most attractive products you have in lighting section. How has been the demand for this particular one?

André Oliveira: Cloud Lamp is a success. This piece has particularities that no one knows about. The materials that composed it and the design that is behind it is a secret we intend to keep. The most surprising aspect in this piece is the sound system that it’s incorporated in the piece and the LED light that allows the client to change the color of the light. This details can be controlled by an APP on your smartphone or if you don’t have the app you can control it with the remote.

FAE: Circu is based on Europe. If you can tell us what are your takes on emerging markets in Middle East and Asia? Do you have your branches there?

André Oliveira: Circu is established in Portugal. All of our products are made there and its something that we don’t want to change. It’s a preference.


We have a lot of success in the Middle East Market. And Asia is also in the top 5 of Circu’s markets. Orders from both these markets have been increasing since the launch of the brand. We are currently discussing exclusive representation with both of these markets and Russia.


Currently, we have exhibition stores in New York, Paris, London, and Porto. During the year is likely to open also in Vietnam and Spain.

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