Zucchetti. Kos gets double Honourable Mentions at the 2016 ADI Compasso d’Oro Award

Published on : Wednesday, June 15, 2016

zucchetti .kos - closerThe Zucchetti. Kos Group received double success at the 2016 Compasso d’Oro prize by ADI, the Italian Association for Industrial Design. The Closer showerhead by Diego Grandi, and the Wazebo mini-wellness shower pavilion by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, have both been awarded the prestigious Honourable Mention in the Design for Living category.

Established in 1954, the ADI Compasso d’Oro Award is the oldest and most authoritative global award in the field of industrial design. It selects products that stand out for their originality, their typological and functional innovation, the production processes they adopt, the materials they use, and the aesthetic synthesis they achieve.

This is further significant recognition for the company based in Gozzano; as always, and more than ever today, it is internationally known for its excellence in bathroom design, demonstrated over the years by many awards and thanks to having created a complete bathroom world, with design objects that are not only beautiful and desirable but are the outcome of continuous research into technological innovation and have a high degree of functionality, impeccable aesthetic quality.

Already a previous winner of the Design Plus Award and the Good Design Award in 2015 as testimony to its new content and its strongly innovative aesthetic, the Wazebo shower pavilion stands out for its simplicity and elegance: a unique shower enclosure. What sets this object apart is the underlying concept, which is to give the user the sensation of showering in the midst of nature, but without sacrificing practicality and comfort. The concept is made a reality by the slim frame, the wide openings, the wooden slatted platform, the large rainfall showerhead with its soft jet, and the possibility of even being able to place the pavilion directly on a lawn.

Ludovica+Roberto Palomba say, “Our thanks to Zucchetti. Kos, who after more than 10 years of collaboration continue to believe in us and our vision of their company, which is also now recognised by ADI. Wazebo is the end result of our personal exploration of the possibility of bringing the architecture of water to the outdoors. The pavilion defines not only a function but also a space: a virtual enclosure that interacts with nature. Its structure retains the architectural presence of the shower enclosure whilst letting nature permeate the space”.

The eclectic, iconic, multiple award-winning Closer showerhead by Diego Grandi interprets and reinvents the gestural language associated with showering. Clearly inspired by the archetype of the lamp with an adjustable extendable arm, Closer has three joints that make possible large multidirectional arcs of movement, enabling multiple dynamic spatial configurations that translate into various different ways for the user to direct the flow of water simply, intuitively, and precisely.

Diego Grandi shared, “My thanks to Zucchetti for having believed in Closer, and in its poetic nature, which is also visionary. My starting point for the project was the idea of a freer, more playful approach to the theme of water that led me to rethink this everyday object of daily use. Closer changes the rituals of the bathroom and transforms the relationship with our body by taking a dynamic approach that consists of both balance and movement. My thanks to ADI for having selected this project in 2015, and for having awarded it the Honourable Mention”.


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