Tom Dixon associates with Virgin Voyages

Published on : Monday, June 25, 2018

tom dixon“Our latest adventure has lead us beyond the boardroom and hotel bedroom and out on to the open sea. Tasked with reimagining the modern cruise experience we’ve been working with Virgin Voyages on their first ship”



Virgin invited us to work with them on the project as we’d never worked on a cruise ship before. They took inspiration from the future, from mobile communities exploring uncharted waters, where the journey is as important as the destination, creating environments that are theatrical , unexpected and forward looking using high quality materials and a bold narrative to take the customer on a series of unexpected adventures.


“I quite like coming at something from a completely different angle and presumably there is a method to that madness. If you’re going to be disruptive then maybe you shouldn’t know that much about how a cruise line is currently operated.”


Virgin and Sir Richard Branson have always pushed the boundaries of human possibilities. The cruise ship is an opportunity for this to become a reality for the masses. From the highest heights to the depth of the ocean nowhere is off limits and the world is your oyster.


Tom Dixon started at the top of ship with the VIP rooftop – an outdoor private club between the bow and the bridge where we created a series of freestanding sky rooms, sunken conversation pits, elevated pools giant and screened it with dichroic glass that changes with the shifting natural light.


At sea there is freedom to provide new experiences to new things, unrestrained by the norms of the past and a typical urban lifestyle.




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