Swarovski and Castro : makes a perfect crystal collection

Published on : Friday, October 5, 2018

The avant-garde spirit and elegance of Castro Lighting led to the choice of using Swarovski Crystals as the key element to conceive true masterpieces with breathtaking sparkle.


Swarovski crystals have a different shine, as only the best materials are used for its production. Through a complex process, Swarovski turns quartz, minerals, and sand into real outstanding crystals.


Phoenix Suspension
Ancient legend paints a picture of a magical bird, radiant and shimmering, that reborns from the ashes after dying in a show of flames. It is brilliantly colored in reds, purples, and yellows, as it is associated with the rising sun and fire. Inspired by this myth, Phoenix ceiling lamp has different Swarovski Crystal layers that create the idea of an unfinished process.


An outstanding piece with a delicate nature, Phoenix has a great contrast created with the use of Swarovski clear elements and the Topaz color, giving an extravagant look.


Different crystal combinations can be done in order to create an iconic appearance and stylish like no other. The set of the Swarovski elements create a stunning visual effect, standing out in any ambiance. The wide color range of the Swarovski crystals, allied to the possibility of combining multiple colors, allows to fully create the ideal ambiance to the surrounding space.


Varsovia Suspension
Once described as Paris of the East, Warsaw was believed to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world until World War II. Inspired by the splendor and beautiful heritage of the Warsaw city, Varsóvia suspension possesses ravishing Swarovski crystals that impose a mandatory and epic design.


Despite its singular design, this piece is extremely versatile, being perfect for practically any luxury house that may include art deco, modern art, mid-century modern or contemporary art. This suspension is very rich and complete, being ideal for any space as it offers the right lighting solutions.


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