Studio Ossidiana present Petrified Carpets at Dutch Design Week

Published on : Monday, October 24, 2016

petrified carpetsStudio Ossidiana present Petrified Carpets, an installation of concrete architectural elements at the Dutch Design Week 2016, inspired by the ideal Persian gardens and carpets.

The project recognizes the carpet as a representation of the paradisiacal garden. Studio Ossidiana has interpreted the motifs that appear in the oriental carpets (the border, the central medallion, the grid and the passage) as the architectural elements of the paradisiacal gardens; the enclosing wall, the central fountain, the kiosks and the doorway to paradise.

The project explores these architectural elements and transposes them into a series of contemporary objects and surfaces cast in concrete. Studio Ossidiana used concrete, like weaving and knitting, as a crafted material. Today, concrete is mostly connected to standardization and dull greyness, while being a material that can assume an infinite variety of textures and finishes.

Petrified carpets experiments with different techniques of concrete, pushing the material to assume a crafted tactility, evoking in this way the complexity of carpets.

In collaboration with high-end prefabricated concrete manufacturer Hurks, the objects expose the lively and bright character of a material that has progressively lost its expressive potential in the building industries. The project combines pigments, stones, sand and cement in different ratios in each object, making reference to the contours, tones, and shades of gardens.

Petrified Carpets is on view within the exhibition “In No Particular Order” curated by Agata Jaworska.


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