Softblock Paper Partition by Molo

Published on : Tuesday, January 13, 2015

softblock_paper_partition_03Softblock is one half of molo’s softwall+softblock modular system. Softblock can be thought of as paper partition building blocks that stack and attach end to end, then quickly reconfigure to fulfil new functions. Their modular design gives paper softblocks impressive versatility in a variety of settings.


Softblock flat packs for convenient storage and transport and these are made from a flexible paper honeycomb geometry that expands/contracts and has impressive weight bearing capacity. Available n heights from 1’ to 4’ tall, every softblock expands from a compressed length of 2’ upto 15’ (100 times its original length). Softwall+softblock create straight lines and flowing curves, with a wonderfully poetic form, derived directly from the designer’s function. The flexible honeycomb form of softblock expands upto 15” in length.


The paper molo uses to make softblock is made of a combination of 50% post-consumer recycled paper pulp and 50% new long fibre. The addition of new fibre is essential for creating a robust, high-qiality paper that has the durability to be expanded, compressed, and re-expanded over and over.


Despite making use of a material that is generally considered disposable, softwall+softblock paper partitions show the strength of a well-crafted paper and are made for long term use. Softblocks can be combined in various ways to create new forms individually suited to the surrounding space.


Patented magnetic end panels allow softblock paper partitions to easily attach and detach from each other. When softblocks are used individually, these magnetic end panels can be closed on to themselves giving the paper partitions building blocks, a continuous rounded and extra stability. The magnetic panels can also be anchored to existing steel structures; however, softwall + softblock are completely self-supporting and do not require any tools, hardware, or supports for installation.


Each softblocks connects together easily with their concealed magnets (softwall paper partitions and paper chair softseating can connect to softblock as well), any length of paper partition can be quickly created, with the joints between each softblock blending discretely into the rhythm of vertical paper pleats.


The inherent strength of the honeycomb structure also allows softblocks to be stacked in horizontal layers to create wall, window, and even ceiling structure. The another option for full height paper partition walls that can be easily moved as a single unit.


softwall + softblock is a patented, modular partition system that allow users to creatively make and remake space. It is part of molo’s family of foldable paper furniture and the soft collection.

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