SaphirKeramik: A legendary evolution from Laufen

Published on : Friday, November 20, 2015

unnamedSome evolutions are surprising, vividly perceptible and amazing. Others are less showy, but just as important: this is precisely the case for materials and architectural spaces. The evolution of ceramics over the last three years has to do not only with technology and science, but also with materials and, as a result, styles and tastes.


The bathroom environment and ceramics represent one of the sectors that have benefited most from technological progress, and Laufen, in particular, has played a leading role, launching the revolutionary material SaphirKeramik in 2013, unique on the market at the time. Today, slim edges and slender forms have become part of our collective imaginary – and SaphirKeramik implemented this trend in the bathroom.


Thanks to the intensive programs of research and product development of Laufen which has pioneered a true technological and aesthetical breakthrough in the world of the bathroom.


The uniqueness and incredible qualities of SaphirKeramik have allowed Laufen to focus on new objectives, new projects and challenges, starting in 2013 with the first washbasin bowls in the Living collection: light, thin basins featuring a clean, linear language and essential geometric design, with clearly shaped corners and edges, and large smooth surfaces.


In 2014 Laufen called on two outstanding designers, Konstantin Grcic and Toan Nguyen, to come to terms with the ceramic material that offers maximum expressive freedom and the chance to experiment with new, original forms, giving rise to the collections Val and Ino. SaphirKeramik is the protagonist and Laufen looks to the future, always in search of new challenges, always one step ahead of the others.

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