Preciosa Lighting Ready to steal the Show at 100% Design

Published on : Thursday, June 26, 2014

preciosa_3The Seven Senses of Light is all about capturing the moment in which light connects with your senses. Preciosa’s talented design team has created a collection which is designed to take your senses on a journey.


At 100% Design Preciosa will feature a selection of the most interesting pieces from The Seven Senses of Light collection:  Sound, Ice Cubes and Muutos. Also on display will be Preciosa’s iconic design Inspiral.


An evocative multimedia crystal glass sculpture, aptly named Sound (pictured above), captures sound and translates it into a pattern of light. It is designed to accompany music by famous Czech singer and composer Never Sol.

The Ice Cubes series constitutes a meticulous composition of handmade crystal glass cubes. Ice Cube’s simple, yet versatile modularity was conceived by designer Eugene Sellors and developed to the production stage by Vaclav Bajer, both of Areen Design. The designers chose to work with handmade Preciosa Crystal Glass for its outstanding optical and aesthetic qualities.


Muutos highlights the incredible softness of crystal and its astonishing ability to adapt to any shape. The distinctive chandelier fuses modern design with traditional craftsmanship. It is made from molten bohemian crystal glass poured into hundred year-old molds, which when slightly cooled is transformed by hands into its final organic shapes.


InSpiral is one of Preciosa’s most successful, award-winning designs. Dubbed also the dance of light, these gently intertwined spirals jewelled with faceted crystal use RGB LED lighting to create an unforgettable impression of light movement.



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