Paper Stools from MOLO

Published on : Monday, May 25, 2015

molo_ICFF_2015_02 copyMolo is in New York for ICFF 2015. The show marks the 10th anniversary of Stephen Forsythe + Toss MacAllen’s paper softseating collection for Molo, an occasion being celebrated with the special release of a new wool felt tote to accompany the fanning paper stools – part of molo’s modular soft collection.
Molo founders/designers Forsythe + MacAllen have designed the simple tote to perfectly fit a compressed fanning paper stool to be carried off the shoulder anywhere – from a park to a lecture, from a gallery to a party.


The opening morning of ICFF gave the molo team opportunity to take the new felt tote + softseating along the High line to create a breakfast picnic.


The special edition carry tote, made from 100% wool, natural grey felt, is hand sewn for the two most portable sizes of the natural brown and fanning paper stools. Made from 50% post-consumer, recycled paper content, the stool’s efficient form is wonderfully lightweight, with the smaller stool weighing only 4lbs.

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