Ninkaplast debut Qanto corner cupboard at interzum

Published on : Thursday, May 25, 2017

ninka logoNinkaplast GmbH received a positive international response at the interzum trade fair following the world debut of the new Qanto corner cupboard. The company has “reinvented” the kitchen corner: Qanto, a plug-and-play solution, was exhibited as a completely pre-assembled corner cupboard, from whose interior up to three versatile trays are extracted and retracted vertically by a linear drive, at the press of a button.

Utilising unreachable space in the corner to its optimum effect, Qanto is an intelligent corner cupboard solution which combines maximum operating comfort, generous work surfaces, well organised storage space, ergonomic qualities and the highest technical and design standards in a perfect symbiosis.

Well thought through, impressively simple

Qanto is an eye-catcher in the increasingly requisite staging of the kitchen as a functional living space. The new Ninka corner cupboard solution is equipped with two or three trays that can be vertically extracted and retracted. The top tray, which seals the gap when fully retracted, can be fitted with a wooden board, for example, or can accommodate a “little urban garden” for fresh herbs.

The trays below it offer further organisational space and storage for electrical appliances, perhaps, or for wine and spices.

Intuitively operated, ergonomically perfect

Just one press on the integrated switch is all it takes for the Qanto trays to rise up. Reaching stored items in the kitchen has never been as easy.

Ninka uses a linear drive as the lifting mechanism, so that the trays can move smoothly and steadily. Reliable safety is the number one priority: Objects that lie in between, such as a hand or plate, are recognised automatically and the column stops moving at once.

Qanto is also at the leading edge in ensuring a back-friendly and ergonomically correct working posture. Because even when moving heavy items, point loads that would overload the human frame can be avoided – by simply driving the relevant tray to the ideal ergonomic level.

A design that raises the bar

The trays are crafted from high-quality, easy-clean ABS. The upper covering surfaces of the tray edge have a circumferential, transparent acrylic crown, which gives the highly polished appearance of crystal glass. The lighting concept accentuates the perception of the high-quality materials – functional on the inside, emotional on the outside.

The tray is completely illuminated by LED light fixtures integrated beneath the top tray. And by adding an optional vertical LED light box, the entire kitchen corner can be placed centre stage.

Plug and play

Qanto is delivered completely pre-assembled for easy integration into the fitted kitchen. Only the neighbouring cupboards need to be provided from the manufacturer to complete the corner. “Plug-and-play” best describes this smart complete unit for installation and assembly.

Fascinating details, perfect design

Requirements regarding kitchens have changed enormously in recent years. Exacting design standards are now every bit as important as outstanding functionality. It is precisely due to these customer requirements that Ninka’s newly developed Qanto hits the mark. It conforms to a zeitgeist that unites modernity with simplicity, freedom, sustainability and the joy of discovery. This is precisely why the time is now ripe – for a completely new system in the kitchen corner!


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