Nendo Designed Advertising Strategy for IHI

Published on : Thursday, September 3, 2015

web_ad_2015_01 copy 1Nendo- created by Oki Sato a design company which can turns an object into a lively product, recently designed an advertising strategy for IHI. IHI is a general heavy industries manufacturer with particular expertise in energy, social infrastructure, industrial machinery, and aerospace.


As its transactions are predominantly business-to-business, it is a company rarely seen by the ordinary consumer. Inevitably, that it supports our daily lives in a whole range of different ways is a relatively little known fact.


In their advertising strategy for the company, they have decided on an image based solely on its company logo; the letters ‘IHI’ in blue font. This idea originally came about from the resemblance of the logo letters to the steel I- and H-beams used in construction.

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