NBBJ to Create Workplace Installation for 100% Design

Published on : Wednesday, August 13, 2014

InstallationTo reinforce the concept of a working community, each industry section at 100% Design will feature a prominent design installation. This year’s commission for Workplace will be designed by NBBJ, an international architecture and design practice responsible for some of the most innovative projects – commissioned by major global companies such as Google, Amazon and Samsung.


The Workplace hub aims to highlight the multi-disciplinary nature of workplace, as well as the social importance of the modern office environment. The feature will reflect the fusing of hospitality and working environments, an emerging trend that is increasingly informing workplace design. The hub will offer a true networking and social space during the show, inspired by the theme of serendipity.



David Lewis, Principal at NBBJ comments: “Inspired by the simplicity of kinetic sculpture and the complexity of our design algorithms, we wanted to create a space that flexes in response to people flow and gently encourages serendipitous encounters.”


iAlter by NBBJ at 100% Workplace will feature an active installation which will influence the nature of the space, to create a variety of environmental experiences for those using the hub’s social facilities and bar.



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