Molo’s New Soft Summer Collection

Published on : Monday, April 6, 2015

molo 01 copySummer is an opportunity to enjoy the poetic beauty and great potential of nature, design, friends, and food. Clever combinations of these elements can be delightful, and elevate the experience of common summer activities by creating thoughtful spaces that make the most of the simple things. Molo again proved its unique creativity by launching the new soft summer collection. This fantastic and useful product made by molo, is so handy to be used in any place wherever anyone want to use it from a small get together to a friend’s hangout or a weekend family picnic.


molo 02 copyWhat makes molo’s soft collection attractive for creating dining events outside are the same attributes that benefit its use in interiors; the products are light in weight, flexible, compact, and possess a beauty that descends directly from their functionality. Created from recycled/recyclable environmentally friendly materials, there is something eloquent about seeing the products interact with nature. There is both juxtaposition and commonality found in the geometry of the product’s expandable honeycomb form.


molo 03 copyInventive startups have proved that softblock and softseating can go anywhere a casual picnic can. However, these events become more than just meals by stretching softblock out to make a temporary dining table, rather than a simple picnic blanket, a series of pop-up dinners something more. The softblock table gives food and drinks a raised surface – a place of prominence – and facilitates a more formal, upright sitting posture during dinner.


The elements of the soft collection are functional art. Using a single softblock as an expandable dining table or bar top creates a centre for a dining experience, while the unique form also supplies kindling for conversation.

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