molo Wins NeoCon Gold Award for Architectural Products

Published on : Thursday, June 12, 2014

molo_neocon_03At NeoCon 2014 molo has bagged the Best of NeoCon Gold Award for Architectural Products for its patented softwall + softblock modular system. NeoCon Chicago has moved into its final day after two days of fantastic show.
softwall + softblock was praised by NeoCon judges for flexibility, contemporary form, acoustic properties, and use of sustainable materials (among other benefits). In addition, molo’s new thinwall design was recognized by Interior Design, being featured on the cover of their NeoCon Show Daily. The glowing reviews have made molo’s installation at NeoCon even more popular than usual.


This installation has been specially tailored to the compact floor plan and floor to ceiling height at NeoCon. Despite not being a large area, an incredible amount of functionality and interactivity has been fit into a space constructed entirely from molo products.


While the plan of molo’s installation has been carefully considered, time is also being taken to experiment, and experience the joy and playfulness that is part of the designs by molo co-founders Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen. Guests are constantly moving in and out of the space – finding a moment to lean back and relax in the comfort of benchwall, then moving onto explore a closet space that has been wrapped with thinwall.


The warm tones of the durable, high quality recycled paper used to make benchwall + thinwall has made the seating arrangement at NeoCon all the more inviting. An adjacent paper seating area, dyed a rich black with bamboo charcoal ink, has a crisp, refined formality that shows the soft collection’s ability to create a broad range of environments.
The benchwalls and softseats are also recording a unique history of NeoCon in their paper honeycomb structure. As the seating is used, it develops beautiful organic patterns that continually evolve. While the crisp geometry on the surface of the seats changes, the internal structure, strength, and flexibility of the designs remains.


Moving around the outside corner of the installation, a white textile softwall is illuminated internally with LED, highlighting the custom shelf that has been cut into it. The softwall has been set up at a right angle, showing that it can expand into both organic to geometric forms. The thinwall closet enclosure can also be seen to the left of this photo. A felt handle has been attached to allow the closet to be easily opened and closed.
molo’s products used to create the space come in a compressed form, making the installation very compact to begin with (and reducing the carbon footprint of transport). From only a few inches thick, the products expand up to 100 times their length.



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