Molo ties knot with softwall paper partitions for office spaces

Published on : Friday, April 10, 2015

moloMolo is opting for multiple task effective workplaces in one. Open plan and activity based office concepts are a dominant section of innovative contract projects specifying Softwall. Open place offices benefits from the core idea of sustainability in molo’s soft collection.


Sofwall facilitates the flexibility of these spaces, offers improved acoustics, and creates the potential of temporary private space that does not sacrifice the open plan concept.
Softwall+softblock is a lightweight modular room partition system constructed from a flexible paper honeycomb structure. As softwall is opened the honeycomb cells expand from paper-thin lengths into broad, hollow diamond shapes. At full extension, softwall is 15′ (4.5 metre) long (a hundred times longer than its compressed 2” form) and is made up of 99% air and 1% material.

The benefit of softwall paper partitions in office spaces is its adaptability, which allows a single work area to evolve over the course of a day to suit multiple uses. The adaptability of softwall comes from the combination of light weight and flexible form. From a flat, compressed form only a few inches thick, softwall’s paper honeycomb structure expands into self-supporting stools, benches, and tables requiring no armatures or supports. Without hardware, softwall can be easily and intuitively moved and reconfigured by individual employees at a moment’s notice.

The easy movement of softwall offers a beautiful solution to a common dilemma of open plan office environments – the lack of private space. With a acoustic absorption rivaling contemporary acoustic tiling, softwall can be curved around a group of seats or desks to create impromptu temporary spaces for client meetings, small group discussion, phone calls, etc. The acoustic capabilities of softwall result from the combination of its faceted surface and pockets of empty space created by the internal honeycomb structure.
Beyond the simple facilitation of collaboration, softwall gives the potential for the workspace to become an active and inspirational part of creative workflow. Employees choose the space around them should be formed to best suit their current task – if an employee is feeling distracted, softwall or softblock can create a temporary partition; if open area needs to be maximized for a large group or visiting clients, softwall can be compressed to 2” (4.5cm) thick and stored compactly on a provided wall hook; if sunlight is creating glare on computer screen, soft wall can be simply deployed in front of windows to diffuse the light. softwall + softblock can also be integrated with LED ribbons, transforming the partitions into flexible luminaries.

molo’s benchwall has similar benefits and applications for office space, but joins flexible seating with its acoustic partition/backrest. Ideal for small to medium sized team meetings, benchwall can be formed into circular meeting spaces with an integrated acoustic barrier, providing focus for those inside and outside the space. Once a meeting is completed, benchwall folds up to a flat-pack form (just like softwall) for storage.

softwall + softblock is a patented, modular partition system that allows users to creatively make and remake space. It is part of molo’s family of foldable paper furniture, the soft collection which includes expandable paper seating, energy-efficient LED Lighting and extendable paper partitions and room dividers. Design of the soft collection was initiated in 2003 by Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen and continues its evolution today.

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