Mid-century inspiration for Fall-Winter 2019 from Essential Home

Published on : Monday, July 1, 2019

Oh, the joys of the new season, and the opportunities to reboot and change, it’s always that opportunity to leave behind what’s bad and embrace what’s new and good.


And what better way to travel back in time and get inspiration on Mid-Century modern trends?


Essential Home brings this season a different modern twist, so get ready to embrace the cosmos of mixing metals, natural and rich terracotta colors, the mystery and the magic of Parisienne style and to top that a decadent yet bold and seductive velvet inspiration.


Mid-Century it’s typically described as simple, sleek furniture with straight lines that create depth and length with interesting, subtle curvature with some pops of colorful decor. However Essential Home brings this season a different modern twist, so get ready to embrace the cosmos of mixing metals, natural and rich terracotta colors, the mystery and the magic of Parisienne style and to top that a decadent yet bold and seductive velvet inspiration.


Decadent Velvet

Velvet’ actually refers to the weave and structure and not the actual contents. Although traditionally made from silk, times have moved on and velvet can now be made from just about any fiber. The times have changed and velvet it’s no longer the stuffy look once reserved for royal regalia. Velvet feels and looks more luxurious than other fabrics.


In fashion, we also have a ‘90s revival. Revival since the velvet fashion trend is back. This sumptuous fabric can be elegant and luxurious, but it doesn’t have to be – velvet fits well into casual looks, especially if you want to give them a fashionable twist. Velvet fashion comes in shapes and sizes, but a velvet dress might be your most prudent purchase when it comes to creating a standout party looks.


For home velvet it’s better represented by chairs, the velvet sofa is the hero of any living room, Opt for rich jewel tones for a real style statement, a bright shade for the ultimate hero piece. Velvet chairs come in all shapes and sizes and are versatile enough to be used in almost any room of the home. From a cozy armchair like Charlotte Armchair and Loren Armchair by the fire to on-trend velvet dining chairs-and bedroom benches, velvet is set to take over every room in 2019!


Mixing Metals

Luminous, bold, eye-catching – these are some of the words that describe this amazing trend. Metal everywhere, that’s what you’ll find this season with some metallic fashion ornaments, metallic interior design decor and even a metallic feel to art with reflective elements everywhere. Reflective and metallic elements can take the shape of gold, silver or richer colors that easily harmonize with everything, especially in interior design and fashion. Satin and metallic sparkly fabrics with reflective ornaments will be on the runways all over the world. From outfits to accessories, metallic elements will be everywhere, ready to take over your closet space right now.


In interior design, furniture pieces will be using several metals brought together to bring the best to your home decor. Brass in armchairs, metal in lamps, even glass on table tops – it’s all going to be a trendy way to include modernity and uniqueness into your home. Konstantin side tableis the apple of everyone’s eyes when following this trend, a side table that combines different metals and materials to give the stunning modern look.


The warm of Terracotta

With the first chills of could, what better way to bring warm hues and handmade feelings will be one of the biggest color trends for this year. Such in design or such in the fashion industries we can expect big scenes and for that. Terracotta is not just a color trend but the merge of other colors like browns, pinks and different tones of orange. Even though this color be a trend since 2017 will be in 2019 that she will run the world with new opinions and new ways of thinking, terracotta it’s in the spotlight as one of the warmest and luxurious ways to make a timeless design with a personality and uniqueness of its own.


In fashion, you’ll see the sunshine shade combining perfectly with white and red accents. What makes this color one of the biggest fashion trends is the color itself, for being a warm color it could be used in summer or spring and even during the autumn. The key is to keep skirts and dresses below the knee, and silhouettes languid. Anything too short or too tight will detract from the colors’ understated appeal.


In interior design, terracotta with shades of brown and golden furniture will decor your house as this trend. For example, our Marco Armchair is a perfect choice for your living room Marco brings a comfortable and stylish shape, prepared to elevate the decor of any project.


The mystery of Parisienne Style

What better country to live in the fall, the lights the romance is well known, but Essential Home dig deep on the fun, beauty and the freedom side of Paris to inspire you for this fall season.


The Parisienne style is not defined by where you live, That’d be too easy. It’s more of an idea – inspired by celebrity Parisians, maybe. Parisienne Style is a city that’s as gorgeous as it is grey, exciting yet tough, where you have to really fight to find your place, but without showing it too much and were dressing too flashy or sexy is sure to get you stared at, and a few whistles are thrown your way.


Essential Home sees this style as a stylish sanctuary from the stresses of life.


In interior design, it’s all about respect for history, you should bring together the iconic character and elegance of the space with practical luxury. But Paris as it’s fun and magic side, and Parisienne style is that whole idea of anti-decor, always have to look like you’ve done it yourself like a true French. What better way to represent them to mix our soft and clean Marco Dining chair with the robust and sturdy Bertoia marble table. The key is to Keep it simple, mixing vintage with new, and allow our memories and treasures brought home from travels to shape the space rather than sticking to any particular interior style.


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