Margraf Marble acquires Sisley project

Published on : Wednesday, December 7, 2016

margraf copyIn Venice’s Calle Vallaresso stands Sisley’s Rich&Raw new concept store. The innovative space summarizes the brand’s authentic, contemporary and cosmopolitan fashion identity, elements which transform the shop into an exciting sensory experience. Whoever walks into a Sisley store lives a new and dreamy experience, as if taking part in a story where the future coexists with cultural and historical references to the past. In this unique setting, Margraf marble plays a starring role in the division and distribution of the interior spaces.


In the Venetian store, the concept is inspired by Bernardo Bertolucci’s movie The Dreamers: the atmosphere is that of a luxurious and somewhat bohemian Paris apartment, lived by its young residents with freedom, style and seduction. The vitality of Sisley is expressed with refined interiors marked by time, laden with sensuality and as pure as the dreams of youth.


The flooring is made of grey and charcoal Margraf marble, while the walkway that leads to the store’s entrance has a yellow, white and orange blossom herringbone pattern made of different materials cut into slats: Brushed Grigio Amani, polished Fior di Pesco Carnico – of which Margraf has the only quarry in the world – polished Bianco Carrara, polished Travertino Giallo, and brushed Jolie Grey.


The ceiling, resembling a glossy-green lake which brings to mind the green of the Venice lagoon and Venetian fixtures, reflects light. The warm and soft light of the interior decor is naturally filtered by black grids, creating an overall effect of a graceful and sensual twilight.


Thanks to the quality and variety of its fine materials, Margraf is once again a valuable partner for top-class creations in Italy and around the world. Extracting marble from its quarries, transforming the rough blocks into fine polished slabs or small modular tiles, offering a wide range of top-quality materials, selecting them from hundreds of different types of stone and shaping them with cutting-edge technologies: these are the distinctive features that have allowed Margraf to become a point of reference in the industry.

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