MAISON&OBJET Paris announces show’s theme for 2016

Published on : Tuesday, June 28, 2016

M&O Paris logoMAISON&OBJET announced the “House of Games” theme for the upcoming MAISON&OBJET PARIS September 2016 show.

The new Inspirations Forum, which will present the Inspirations Space by Vincent Grégoire, will be extended through the Wild Café- Bookstore, designed by François Bernard and focusing on the theme of the Inspirations Book, illustrated by a selection of works. Lastly, the conference space will provide opportunities to explore the theme in greater depth and reposition it in the broader context of current trends.

Vincent Grégoire, scenographer for the Inspirations Space, explained his vision as: “I have imagined a succession of three boxes, which open to reveal three visions of how we play games. The first one explores board games through a chess set, where every piece is replaced with a design masterpiece. It questions the notion of social position and the strategic concern for appearances in a precious, dandy-inspired environment. The second offers a perspective on posture and imposture and the comeback of the dada spirit through an interpretation of role playing games. Combining chance, luck and the collision of ideas, the rules of the exquisite corpse are coming into practice in the field of interior design, paving the way to historic and hysterical mix-and-match décors. Chance games are finally providing inspiration for the creation of a boudoir that showcases a cheerfully occult form of easy esotericism. In reaction to all-pervading rationalism, people advocate for the return of the unexpected and play the card of serendipity.”

The Inspirations Forum’s Café-Bookstore, located in Hall 7, will be designed as a space where visitors can relax and reflect on the theme chosen and presented by the MAISON&OBJET Observatory. François Bernard’s scenography stages a gigantic red and white chessboard, with suspended chairs standing for the pieces, inviting visitors to start a game. Rocking back and forth, players give in to relaxation. The back wall is covered with three alternating types of deforming mirrors, which heighten the playful atmosphere of the room, combining illusion with distortion.

The international design show MAISON&OBJET PARIS will open for visitors from September 2 to 6, 2016.


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