Magnificant Light Show by Tom Dixon

Published on : Saturday, April 4, 2015

dixon 3 copyFrom April 15-19 the Dixon design studio will take over a 400m2 abandoned a theatre as part of designjunction edit Milan. Meanwhile, they will create an entertainment show highlighting their latest designs through a series of extraordinary installations.

Daily visitors to the The Cinema in the heart of Milan will be treated to a magnificant light show accompanying an accessories shop and VIP lounge with an exclusive talk with Tom.

dixon 4 copy“The resourceful design entrepreneur in the modern age is now committed not just to the creation of an artefact, but also to the communication, contextualisation and commercialisation of their ideas. It is with these objectives in mind that we take over an abandoned theatre in Milan to build a temporary and contemporary selling space where the lines between entertainment and commerce dissolve, and the latest newness is no longer just a prototype on a pedestal but innovation available instantly – to buy now or to have delivered anywhere.” Says Tom.

New products launching at Te Cinema includes:

Melt:  It is a beautifully distorted lighting globe that creates a mesmerizing melting hot blown glass effect. Translucent when on and mirror-finish when off, it emits an attractive, mildly hallucinogenic light. Hang as a standalone statement pendant or a few together to create a striking centre-piece for any room.

Lens: It is a mesmerizing luminous globe inspired by the Fresnel lens used in lighthouses and reminiscent of geological rare crystal. The prismatic triangular lenses explode and project the source light in all directions. Engineered to stand on its own or hang in multiples and at different heights to add drama. Brings an instant disco glamour into the cocktail bar, dining hall or living room.

dixon light

Wingback: Wingback is a series of British classics remastered. Inspired by two seating archetypes: the 17th entury wingback and its smaller sibling the 18th century balloon back, these refined hybrids have been updated and redefined for the grandest banquets or as chairs for the fireplaces of members clubs or your living room. Available in solid oak or copper legs and in a wide range of Kvadrat fabrics and colours.

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