Linea Light Group Presents Its New Catalogue I-Lèd News

Published on : Thursday, June 26, 2014

QuantumLinea Light Group is a cutting-edge company that never stops. Its new catalogue, i-LèD News, presents a new range of professional lighting fixtures introducing people to the pleasant experience of effective LED light: selected diodes that reach their full potential through the i-LèD research guarantee high lighting performances, balanced by an unprecedented visual comfort thanks to the F.O.L. (Filtering Optical Layers) system, a smart optical component for light emission management.


Light is an essential element of life: it accompanies every activity and affects our mood in every moment throughout the day. Therefore, light must always be adequate both from a quantitative point of view, with illuminance levels proportionate to the visual needs and harmonized with the level of lighting of the surrounding environment, and from a qualitative point of view, with a high color rendering and a visual comfort that prevents eye strain over time.


Today’s technical lighting projects require increasingly sophisticated tools to best express the light effects as they were conceived by lighting designers. i-LèD offers, alongside updated tools thanks to ongoing research and experimentation, new solutions that meet the challenges of a solid state lighting, closer to people, a lighting that is progressing, transcending its own limits, transforming the daily relationship with light into an experience of visual well-being and a rational use of energy.


From evenly diffused ambient light to directional and well-defined accent lighting through amazing effects that enhance architectural elements and volumes: light turns into service, guide and design for space.


Innovative solutions for special indoor and outdoor applications have been designed to provide lighting designers and planners with new creative tools. In particular, the downlight functional versatility allows the light to be cast from ceiling so different heights enhancing the environment vertical surfaces as well as the object volumes thanks to a varying beam angle and a luminous intensity proportionate to the space dimensions. Visual comfort is then crucial to continue the activity being performed for extended periods of time, minimising eye strain while guaranteeing adequate illuminance level.



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