imm cologne to organize a special section on lights: “Das Haus”

Published on : Thursday, April 19, 2018

PP_introIt was a real experiment: what might home living look like if, instead of furniture, lighting assumed the primary role in defining spaces? If light no longer served to stage furniture, but the reverse – if the furniture were chosen to complement the light? If each room were a perfectly harmonious arrangement of colour and light, material and minimalist forms?


In “Das Haus – Interiors on Stage”, an installation simulating a living space, visitors at the international interiors show imm cologne could experience up close how many roles light assumes in home interiors. After all, it is lighting that determines how one perceives his/her environment, but beyond that, it also controls our mood and influences whether a space feels like home: light does not merely illuminate. It brightens; it can calm or enliven. It can light the way home, cheer the spirits, purify, make us soar and set us free. “Light Levels” is the name chosen by this year’s guest of honour, Czech designer Lucie Koldova. Her interpretation for the seventh edition of the showcase at the Cologne design event in 2018 was an opportunity to behold visionary interior design.


Radiant luminosity interacting with a delicate choreography of light

At times “Das Haus” dazzled with light, and then the lights would pulse gently in muted colours. The lights, new creations by the designer produced specially for “Das Haus”, followed a light choreography that was activated at particular intervals. Lucky visitors experienced a delicate starry sky and light tubes that illuminated in an alternating sequence, just like at a chamber music concert. The mouth-blown glass lamps, made by Brokis, are powered by cutting-edge LED technology with which the original, elementary energy of light – which the designer loves working with – can be attuned to the current mood.


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