Hailo introduces Laundry Area for space utilisation

Published on : Wednesday, October 18, 2017

hailo_laundry_areaThe phenomenon of increasingly smaller living spaces, especially in urban areas, calls for new concepts in order to utilise the available space as efficiently as possible. Especially apartments and houses without basements or lofts call for special solutions to create space for doing and drying the laundry, such as a utility room, for example. However, utility rooms are often not particularly carefully designed and usually only include the most basic fittings, for example the washing machine and drier connections.

Hailo’s solution to this problem is the “Laundry-Area”, an outstandingly extensive comprehensive system for use in utility or laundry rooms/kitchens which ensures that the available space is utilised to the optimum.

The “Laundry-Area” is a comprehensive solution for tidy utility and laundry rooms/kitchens. Depending on the layout of the rooms in the home, the “Laundry-Area” can of course also be located in other rooms such as a bathroom, for example. If space is at a premium, everything that’s needed for doing the laundry could also be integrated into a tall cabinet, for example: fittings for hanging clothing, drawers for storing and sorting laundry accessories, clothes peg and storage containers for odds and ends and also a fold away ironing board.

More system components to keep everything neat and tidy can, of course, be added in larger rooms. The “Laundry-Area” is designed for units that are 60 centimetres wide and can be adjusted to suit the height of the cabinet. It is a modular concept and can therefore be customised according to the space available in the (utility) room. The flexible patented system can be extended with seven different built-in components that can be added at later points in time as required. For example, one optional extension is a fold away clothes airer for drying laundry that is attached to the side of the cabinet.

Martin Mies, Regional Manager with Hailo Built-in Technologies, says, “Our ‘Laundry-Area’ is extremely flexible. We will continue to carefully observe the way people use our products and will then respond to this information with the development of the respective components. For us, the focus is always on the needs and requirements of the users.”


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