H2O BILBAO Exclusively Designed by Patricia Urquiola

Published on : Saturday, September 27, 2014

H2O Bilbao“You can give importance to the contents also with the container. Especially if the content is transparent, almost virtual and intangible like water. But it ispart of us, it is inside us and we need it.” Patricia Urquiola.


Patricia Urquiola has reinterpreted the Kaiku, an iconic artefact of the Basque culture, a multipurpose utensil made in wood used to milk and than inclinated, but also to warm up liquid with a hot stone. It has been made in ceramic by Bosa and will be used in the Bilbao restaurants to serve tap water from the civic aqueduct, among the best waters in Spain, with a symbolical prize of 1€. Furthermore the Basque restaurants will be able to sell a special edition of the white pitcher H2O Bilbao. The proceeds will be donated to Oxfam Intermon to support the costruction of the artesian wells in Ethiopia.


H2O Bilbao will be available all over the world with the inside in white satin glaze and the outside painted with a mat copper finish.



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